Solar Products

    Solar Panel

    Solar panel is an integral part of solar system. The power of solar system absolutely depends on the solar panel as it collects sunlight and converts it into other forms of energy. Premier Energy provides solar panels in different sizes to fulfill the requirements of large and small projects. Our systems are efficient in working, capable of solving the energy crisis with solar panels in Pakistan, and beneficial for the users in many ways. Premier Energy aims to provide alternative sources of electricity which produce low-cost electricity and people don’t have to pay heavy bills. Solar System is the best solution of all the above-mentioned problems and the most effective renewable energy source that doesn’t damage the environment as well.

    Solar Inverters

    Solar Power Solutions (SPS) offers reliable solar inverter to convert the DC power produced by the solar panels into AC power. Being the brain of the solar installation, you can’t neglect its significance as it determines the working capability of the system and makes it long lasting. Premier Energy introduced high-quality solar inverters which are competent in work, enables the installer to check the performance of the system, and improve grid stability. Our imported solar inverters got international recognition and maximum positive feedback from customers.

    Solar Tubewell

    Pakistan is famous for its agricultural production worldwide. After consulting the international community specialists, Premier Energy have developed world’s most precise, cost effective and energy efficient solar water tube wells in Pakistan exactly according to the requirements of our Land.

    The economy of Pakistan is dependent on agriculture and 70% population is living in rural areas. The hard working farmers work day and night, invest in crops, and get loans in the hope of getting adequate profit. Unfortunately, the scary energy crisis has left a deep impact on agriculture as well. The farmers can’t run tube wells due to the lack of electricity and high prices of diesel. Installing a traditional generator means spending all money on diesel or petrol without earning a single penny. At this time of disappointment, Premier Energy emerged as a hope for Pakistani farmers who were making efforts of making their both ends meet and got frustrated due to the critical conditions.

    Solar Street Lights

    Solar Power Solutions (SPS) doesn’t believe in pay lips services and making its utmost efforts to solve energy crisis issue in Pakistan. The compass of services isn’t limited only to domestic and industrial sectors, but it covers all fields of life. Almost every Pakistani has experienced the travel in darkness during the night just because of load shedding. The street lights also switch off during the load shedding hours which remarkably increase the risks of an accident. Impetuous drivers and violation of traffic laws are very common in Pakistan and even the imagination of the absence of street lights is horrifying. Premier Energy aims to provide a continuous supply of electricity to ensure the safety of precious lives.

    Solar Batteries

    Solar Power Solutions (SPS)

    Only efficient and effective dry batteries in Pakistan can guarantee the satisfactory performance of the solar system. Premier Energy has high standards for solar batteries. A battery can only become a part of our inventory when it’s capable of meeting the requirements of unstable grid energy and effectively endures heavy cycles during the testing process. Additionally, we consider the economic condition of Pakistani customers and strive to provide the best possible solution to the victims of energy crisis. Environmental conditions and abrupt climatic changes during the summer season are the main factors which we consider before introducing dry batteries in Pakistan.

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